Passionate about information security, development and technology in general, I like to share my experience with different technologies. I also love everything about traveling! I love to travel but I also love to listen to other people’s travel stories!

I have been working in InfoSec fulltime since 2018, my current role being an InfoSec Architect at OKIOK. My most recent experience is on the Blue side, but in 2016 I was a pentester and in 2018–2019 I was testing some apps from time to time. Before working in InfoSec, I was a developer for an eCommerce platform developped in .NET.

I have experience in Incident Response, or as some say, Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR). I also love SIEMs and what this can help us achieve. I had the chance to use a few of them daily and develop a lot of Use Cases (detection patterns to alert on suspicious behavior). I also built two SIEM solutions based on open source technologies (the database technology being Elasticsearch).

Anyway, I hope this blog will be useful for you!


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