Tristan Dostaler

Hello and welcome to my blog where I talk about my interests and try to provide useful information on multiple subjects in Information Technology, mainly on coding and InfoSec. To know more about me, head over to my post whoami.

Tristan Dostaler

Lockbit ransomware – How to recover your data

I was recently working on a Lockbit ransomware incident and I was able to recover the data from encrypted VMDK and VHDX files.

How to secure WordPress

In this post, I explain different strategies that can be use to secure WordPress. I cover the basics, the plugins and more.

SIEM 103 — Detect Windows bruteforce part 2

This post is a follow up of the post “SIEM 102 — Detect Windows bruteforce” where I explained how to create a detection Use Case to detect a Windows bruteforce.
In this post I will explain how we can enhance the original detection logic by having a lower False Positive rate.

Why I switched from to Humio

I recently switched to Humio and transferred all the logs and automations I have. In this post I explain why I did this transfer.

CIS controls – where to start in securing a medium/big enterprise

It’s hard to decide where to put the efforts to secure this environment. The 18 CIS Controls can help us prioritize our efforts.

The Log4j Vulnerability Explained

In this post I explain what is the story around the Log4j vulnerability, named Log4Shell, and why it’s on the news.

Cybersecurity Books and References – A Good InfoSec Reading List

I have been asked for a reading list of cybersecurity books. I decided to document this list here so it can be used by a broader public.

NorthSec 2021 CTF write-up – part 2

If you didn't read it, I wrote a "part 1" which addresses easier challenges: post will be the part 2 of my write ups. Hymn This challenge was interesting for me because of my bias towards challenges of...

NorthSec 2021 CTF write-up – part 1

A first write-up for some NorthSec CTF’s challenges

Why MEGA is my favorite cloud storage provider

In this article I explain why MEGA is my favorite cloud storage provider. The main feature I like: they encrypt everything with your password!